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Baking, Buttercream, Fondant


Baking Master Class

Hone your skills and techniques by learning the fundamentals of baking with AfroCoco's Baking Master Class. The course covers various topics, including baking techniques, ingredients, equipment, and recipes. Baking Master Class can be taken by beginners new to baking or experienced bakers who want to improve their skills and knowledge.

Cake Design Master Class

Want to learn how to create stunning cakes? The Cake Design Master Class covers various aspects of designing and decorating cakes. Also included are different types and styles of butter creaming, levelling, filling and stacking multi-cake layers, crumb coating and masking. Fondant covering and sharp edges while learning how to use piping bag appropriately.

Cake Business Startup Master Class

Everything you need to know to start up and run a cake business either as a side hustle or full-time. The class covers various aspects of starting a cake business, including developing a business plan, pricing, marketing and online digital presence.

Guest Speaker

Cake Artist as a Skill Trade

A cake artist specializes in creating masterpieces and edible art for various occasions. We offer schools and institutions the opportunity to run one or more days from our course materials customized for the audience. Attendees will walk away with an appreciation for the trade and skills to further their interest in being a cake artist.

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